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Portrait of
RW Bro Barron Lewis Barnett
from the foyer of Lodge Room No.4,
Masonic Centre, Ann St., Brisbane

Research Papers

Where a paper is password protected, use the pass word leading to the Third Degree - all lower case, no spaces.

Presentations Delivered in Barron Barnett Lodge

Papers from Barron Barnett Lodge members:

Article on Scottish DGL Proceedings Bro Dave Lauder
An International Comparison of Some Aspects of Freemasonry RW Bro Neal Hewton
An Interpretation of the Halliwell Manuscript RW Bro Neal Hewton
The Life & Times of Pythagoras RW Bro Milford Eyres
The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences RW Bro Richard King
The Symbolism of the Columns W Bro Tony Tabrett
The Furniture of the Lodge RW Bro Milford Eyres
THEM AND US: Freemasonry & the Compagnonnage W Bro Michel Fried
Masonic Astronomy and the Royal Arch of the Heavens Bro David Cook
The Development of Masonic Ritual Bro Andrew Fowle
A Brief Overview of Russian Freemasonry to 1995 W Bro Dennis Stocks
Regular Freemasonry in China RW Bro Graham Stead
Crafting the Masonic Vision W Bro Tony Tabrett
Examining the Concept of Initiation W Bro Andrew Fowle

Papers from other Brethren:

QLD Freemasonry, Past Present and Future MW Bro Graeme Ewin
The Story of the Phoenicians RW Bro Evan Newton
Conducting and Presenting Research Dr Tim Blumfield and Nicola Foxlee BA; MLS; MEpi

Presentations Delivered by Barron Barnett members to other Lodges