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Portrait of
RW Bro Barron Lewis Barnett
from the foyer of Lodge Room No.4,
Masonic Centre, Ann St., Brisbane
About the Lodge

Who We Are:
Barron Barnett Lodge is a lodge of research. As such, the main focus of our meetings is the presentation of masonic research. We do not initiate new men into freemasonry, or perform any Degree work. All of our members have affiliated with Barron Barnett Lodge, having already been members of other lodges.

The requirement for membership used to be that members had to be Installed or Past Masters. Recently though, membership has been opened up to Master Masons.

Our Meetings:
Barron Barnett meets on the third Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November (installation). Tyling is at 7:15pm.

We meet at the UGLQ Masonic Memorial Temple, 311 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

After opening the lodge and conducting the business part of the meeting, a typical Barron Barnett meeting consists of an address, a discussion topic, and a book review.

The address is typically the presentation of research conducted by a Barron Barnett Lodge member, or a guest of the lodge, followed by questions and comments from the floor of the lodge.

The discussion topic is an open forum discussion on a masonic topic determined prior to the meeting. Visitors to the lodge are not only welcome to participate but are actively encouraged to do so.

After this, a Barron Barnett member will give a review of a masonic book.

Ann St Masonic Centre